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close() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection
Close the connection.
com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime - module com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime
This module provides a Java Interface to the z/OS SMF Real Time Interface (RTI).
com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime - package com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime
This package provides a Java interface to the z/OS SMF Real Time Interface.
connect() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection.Connectable
Connect to the In Memory Resource


disconnectOnStop() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection.Connectable
Close the connection if a MVS STOP command is received.


file() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.InMemoryResource
File name for a simulated resource
forResourceName(String) - Static method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection
Create a Connectable object for a SMF In Memory Resource name.


getConnection() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.MissedDataEvent
Get the connection that is reporting missed data.
getResourceName() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection
Get the name of the resource for this connection
getSmfTypes() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.InMemoryResource
SMF types recorded to this in memory resource


InMemoryResource - Class in com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime
Information about an in memory resource defined to SMF.
isEmpty() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection
Return true if the internal queue of SMF records is empty and the next record will be read from the in memory resource, potentially waiting until a record is written.
isSimulated() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.InMemoryResource
Is this a simulated in memory resource
iterator() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection
Get a SMF record Iterator.


main(String[]) - Static method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.Query
Main program entry
main(String[]) - Static method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.Version
Print the version
MissedDataEvent - Class in com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime
Class to control whether or not an exception is thrown when the z/OS SMF in memory resource wraps around.
MissedDataException - Exception in com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime
This exception indicates that the z/OS buffer for the in memory resource wrapped around and data was discarded (return code 04 reason code X'0401' from IFAMGET).
moreQueued() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection


name() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.InMemoryResource
In memory resource name.


onMissedData(Consumer<MissedDataEvent>) - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection.Connectable
Setup a handler for a missed data event.


query() - Static method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection
Query the list of SMF in memory resources defined to the system
Query - Class in com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime
Program to print SMF In Memory Resources and the record types they receive.
Query() - Constructor for class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.Query


read() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection
Read a record, waiting if necessary.


SmfConnection - Class in com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime
Connect to and read from a z/OS SMF in Memory Resource (z/OS SMF Real Time Interface).
SmfConnection.Connectable - Class in com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime
Class used to set options for the SmfConnection prior to connection to the in memory resource.
spliterator() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection
Get a Spliterator for the records from the SMF connection.
stream() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection
Get a Java Stream to read SmfRecords as byte arrays from the in memory resource.


throwException(boolean) - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.MissedDataEvent
Set throwException to false to prevent the exception being thrown.


Version - Class in com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime
Display the version from the command line.
Version() - Constructor for class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.Version
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