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close() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection
Close the connection.
com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime - module com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime
This module provides a Java Interface to the z/OS SMF Real Time Interface (RTI).
com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime - package com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime
This package provides a Java interface to the z/OS SMF Real Time Interface.
connect() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection.Connectable
Connect to the In Memory Resource


disconnectOnStop() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection.Connectable
Close the connection if a MVS STOP command is received.


file() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.InMemoryResource
File name for a simulated resource
forResourceName(String) - Static method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection
Create a Connectable object for a SMF In Memory Resource name.


getConnection() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.MissedDataEvent
Get the connection that is reporting missed data.
getResourceName() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection
Get the name of the resource for this connection
getSmfTypes() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.InMemoryResource
SMF types recorded to this in memory resource


InMemoryResource - Class in com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime
Information about an in memory resource defined to SMF.
isSimulated() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.InMemoryResource
Is this a simulated in memory resource
iterator() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection
Get a SMF record Iterator.


main(String[]) - Static method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.Query
Main program entry
main(String[]) - Static method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.Version
Print the version
MissedDataEvent - Class in com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime
Class to control whether or not an exception is thrown when the z/OS SMF in memory resource wraps around.
MissedDataException - Exception in com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime
This exception indicates that the z/OS buffer for the in memory resource wrapped around and data was discarded (return code 04 reason code X'0401' from IFAMGET).
moreQueued() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection
Return true if there are SMF records in the internal queue, false if the next record will be read from the in memory resource, potentially waiting until a record is written.


name() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.InMemoryResource
In memory resource name.


onMissedData(Consumer<MissedDataEvent>) - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection.Connectable
Setup a handler for a missed data event.


query() - Static method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection
Query the list of SMF in memory resources defined to the system
Query - Class in com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime
Program to print SMF In Memory Resources and the record types they receive.
Query() - Constructor for class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.Query


read() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection
Read a record, waiting if necessary.


SmfConnection - Class in com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime
Connect to and read from a z/OS SMF in Memory Resource (z/OS SMF Real Time Interface).
SmfConnection.Connectable - Class in com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime
Class used to set options for the SmfConnection prior to connection to the in memory resource.
spliterator() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection
Get a Spliterator for the records from the SMF connection.
stream() - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.SmfConnection
Get a Java Stream to read SmfRecords as byte arrays from the in memory resource.


throwException(boolean) - Method in class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.MissedDataEvent
Set throwException to false to prevent the exception being thrown.


Version - Class in com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime
Display the version from the command line.
Version() - Constructor for class com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime.Version
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