Package com.blackhillsoftware.smf

package com.blackhillsoftware.smf
Classes common to all SMF record types - see SmfRecordReader to get started reading SMF data.
  • Class
    Exception thrown when a field is requested that is outside the bounds of the section.
    WLM Importance as used in type 72 records etc.
    Information about EasySMF
    Thrown when a field or section is not available, for example the record is the wrong subtype or a condition is not met.
    Thrown when a field or section is not available because the process to create it has not been run, eg if a section needs to be reassembled from multiple records.
    Base class to contain data for records and sections
    SmfRecord is the base class for all SMF record types.
    SmfRecordReader reads SMF records from a z/OS DD, a file, an InputStream or a sequence of byte arrays.
    Record formats for stream data.
    Create a SmfRecordReader using the builder pattern.
    SmfRecordWriter writes SMF records to a DD statement allocated to the job, or an OutputStream.
    Data manipulation utility class
    Display the version from the command line.