Black Hill Software z/OS Utilities 1.6.0 API

This module provides functions useful for Java programs on z/OS.

Maven Dependency

Define the Black Hill Software repository and add the dependency to your POM:

        <name>Black Hill Software Repository</name>

This package provides:
  • RecordReader and RecordWriter

    Wrappers for the IBM JZOS RecordReader and RecordWriter classes, implementing the Closeable interface so that RecordReader and RecordWriter can be used in a try-with-resources block.

  • TextRecordReader and TextRecordWriter

    Classes for reading and writing EBCDIC text records in z/OS datasets.

    TextRecordReader extends RecordReader and provides methods:

    TextRecordWriter extends RecordWriter and provides methods:


This package provides:
  • CommandHandler

    Provides an implementation of the JZOS MvsCommandCallback interface to allow multiple command handling functions to be set up, from multiple classes.