bhs-zutil 1.5.0 API

This module provides various functions useful for running Java on z/OS.

This package provides:
  • RecordReader and RecordWriter

    Wrappers for the IBM JZOS RecordReader and RecordWriter classes, implementing the Closeable interface so that RecordReader and RecordWriter can be used in a try-with-resources block.

  • TextRecordReader and TextRecordWriter

    Classes for reading and writing EBCDIC text records in z/OS datasets.

    TextRecordReader extends RecordReader and provides methods:

    TextRecordWriter extends RecordWriter and provides methods:


This package provides:
  • CommandHandler

    Provides an implementation of the JZOS MvsCommandCallback interface to allow multiple command handling functions to be set up, from multiple classes.

Maven Dependency

Define the Black Hill Software repository and add the dependency to your POM:
        <name>Black Hill Software Repository</name>