Class CicsTransactionGroup


public class CicsTransactionGroup extends Object
Summarize CICS data from a group of transactions. This class can be used as the value in a Map where the key is a field or combination of fields used to group the data.


  1. Create a CicsTransactionGroupFactory and set any configuration options required e.g. CicsTransactionGroupFactory.exclude(MonitoringField). The configuration will be used for all CicsTransactionGroups created using the factory.
  2. For each group of transactions, use the factory to create a new CicsTransactionGroup: CicsTransactionGroupFactory.createGroup().
  3. add records to the summary.
  4. The resulting CicsTransactionGroups can be converted to a JSON summary of the group data using a Gson object from EasySmfGsonBuilder.

For more detail see Package Info

CicsTransactionGroup is thread safe so transactions can be added to the group from multiple threads.

  • Method Details

    • add

      public void add(PerformanceRecord performanceRecord)
      Add transaction data to the group.
      performanceRecord - The CICS performance record to add to the group
    • getSummary

      public List<com.blackhillsoftware.json.internal.CicsSummaryEntry> getSummary()
      Get the summary of the CICS fields (for use by JSON generator)
      the summary for the group
    • getCount

      public int getCount()
      Get the count of entries in the group
      the count