EasySMF RTI 0.9.9 API

EasySMF-RTI is a Java interface to the z/OS SMF Real Time Interface.

The z/OS SMF Real Time Interface allows you to read SMF records from in memory resources in real time as they are written. It does not require system exits or APF authorized code. Access to the interface is protected by RACF.

Multiple SMF In Memory Resources can be defined to z/OS to receive different combinations of SMF record types, with access to each controlled by RACF.

Maven Dependency

Define the Black Hill Software repository and add the dependency to your POM:
        <name>Black Hill Software Repository</name>

z/OS Prerequisites

There are a few prerequisites to use the z/OS SMF Real Time Interface:
  • SMF must be operating in Logstream Mode
  • SMF in memory resources need to be defined to receive SMF records as required
  • RACF profiles need to be defined to protect the in memory resources and give access to the jobs that will read them
  • EasySMF-RTI needs to run under 64 bit Java 8 or higher


See the com.blackhillsoftware.smf.realtime package information for EasySMF-RTI usage details.
This module provides a Java Interface to the z/OS SMF Real Time Interface (RTI).