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Every Systems Programmer needs a tool to look at SMF data. SMF records a wealth of information about what happens in your z/OS system. Without a tool to look at the data, you are missing out on valuable information for managing your system.


EasySMF makes the information in your z/OS SMF data accessible and easy to use. EasySMF provides access to the most common and useful SMF information without programming and without expensive additional software like SAS.


EasySMF allows you to relate data from different SMF records from the same time period. For example, data from RMF records shows resource utilization, while type 30 records show what was actually running at that time. With EasySMF, you can switch quickly between reports and investigate the relationships between them.


Data is downloaded and stored locally on the PC, so you can interact directly with the reports. You can change time frames, report parameters or drill through to see more detail. Valuable mainframe CPU cycles are conserved for business processing rather than system management.